Helping our people to continuously improve Open accordion
Helping our people to continuously improve

Developing our people to enhance and raise the level of performance within our workplace is crucial to our long-term success. Through the Veolia Campus team, our dedicated training facility, we provide solutions, platforms and programmes to boost the skills and knowledge of our teams. This helps to fill skills gaps, identify future leaders and provide our employees with what they need to succeed, now and in the future.

At the end of 2020, our Campus team went through significant changes to align key resources to the evolving needs of the business. We have an extensive range of development programmes covering everything from ecological transformation and digital access to regulatory compliance and industry best practices. We use a combination of internal specialists and external suppliers to ensure that the desired level of competence is continually achieved.

Coaching Academy Open accordion
Coaching Academy

The academy is designed to grow and foster our own internal coaches. This then helps retain coaching knowledge within the business, helping to create a culture of coaching.

We spent three days with 13 delegates in a hotel in Peterborough, providing them with a framework, coaching toolkit and formal practice sessions. While there was no expectation for the delegates to be coaches, as this was a pilot, all delegates confirmed they would officially like to be coaches.

After the course, each delegate will be observed twice and given feedback as part of their development plan. They will then return to the academy after five months to graduate. During graduation, we review their successes, challenges, supervisions and coaching toolkit.

This pilot was designed to test the materials, timings, content and delivery. We were expecting some constructive feedback on how we might have improved, however the feedback was all positive, with future leaders provided with what they need to succeed.

Industrial, Water, Energy (IWE) Step-Up Talent Programme Open accordion

The Step-Up programme was established for emerging leaders within our industrial, water and energy business, providing them with the skills and behaviours to take the next step of their career within a leadership role and expose them to real-life projects.

After talent-mapping potential candidates, 26 were selected and invited to join the 18-month programme covering topics such as developing resilience and managing change, using psychometrics and giving powerful presentations.

Ellesmere Port Leadership Programme Open accordion

To support Ellesmere Port’s goal of establishing a world-class and responsible hazardous-waste processing facility, the Inspire leadership programme provides a continuous improvement plan, incorporating several carefully selected training modules delivered via blended learning.

These include managing and handling the impact of change, coaching skills and presenting with impact.

Communicating our purpose Open accordion

Our purpose as a business was defined by the Veolia Group in 2019. Our 2020 engagement survey identified that only 63% of people surveyed felt they fully understood our purpose.

We set about changing this by running a series of workshops with 329 of our senior managers and 74 members of our sales teams, and supporting graduate inductions and wider team meetings – to make our purpose more meaningful to people.

As a result, our teams are having better conversations with customers (as measured through new customer volumes and retention of existing customers), employee understanding of our purpose has improved by 93% (as measured through our 2021 employee Voice of Resourcers survey) and purpose is being integrated into investor meetings and employee workstreams, such as new starter inductions.

Employee commitment, training and employability Open accordion
Employee commitment, training and employability
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