Building a more inclusive organisation
Building a more inclusive organisation Open accordion

We’ve always been proud of Veolia’s diversity. But we know it’s not the same as being inclusive. And when we all feel like we belong here, the communities we work in will benefit the most.

Our Inclusion Strategy 2021-2023 will help guide us on our journey to become a more inclusive place to work. It focuses on five priority areas:

  1. Attraction & Selection 
    recognising talent from all backgrounds and selecting and recruiting people in an inclusive way.
  2. Awareness & Upskilling 
    encouraging everyone to take responsibility and help us be more inclusive.
  3. Development ­
    making sure that all of our people are given chances to progress.
  4. Communication 
    talking about inclusion openly, so we can share ideas and learn.
  5. Customers 
    leading the way for inclusive working throughout the whole business, and in how we serve customers.

All managers and supervisors have the opportunity to receive unconscious bias training, and we have started to measure the percentage of promotions into different roles across the business.

We have reviewed how we shortlist for senior-level roles and carried out audits across all of our recruitment practices to ensure that our decision-making process is fair and inclusive.

Our Inclusion Charter has been shared with our municipal and larger key customers, and by the end of 2022, at least half of them will have signed it.

Veolia’s Equal Advisory Group has been crucial in building a culture among our 13,000 employees where people feel included and have a sense of belonging. As well as actively promoting inclusion and diversity across the organisation, it acts as an online resource hub and ‘safe space’ where people can access information, share ideas and thoughts, and help others. The online community currently has 600 members.

Other notable achievements in 2021 Open accordion
Other notable achievements in 2021
Other notable achievements in 2021
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